Introducing our new investor portal.

Monitor your portfolio, read company updates and download investment statements. No more waiting for an annual statement, you can now check your portfolio any time. The Icehouse Ventures investor portal brings professional investor-grade portfolio analysis to the early-stage asset class. You can zoom out to see a macro overview of your entire direct and fund investments or zoom in to see individual company exposure and performance.


Direct investments.

Ice Angels members can see their direct investments into early-stage New Zealand companies including a transaction history, current holding positions and key portfolio performance metrics such as Investment Multiple and Internal Rate of Return. The direct investments section allows for a detailed analysis of all direct investments made through the Icehouse Ventures nominee.


Fund investments.

You can see a detailed breakdown of your fund commitments, capital calls, fund payments and your holding position in each fund. Drill down to see individual company investments made by each fund and view reports from companies that you have a holding position in through a fund. Icehouse Ventures manages a range of early-stage and venture capital funds that focus on high-growth New Zealand companies. All fund investors recieve access to the investor portal.


Transaction history.

The portal provides a detailed audit trail of all transactions so you can reconcile any holding positions and trace back any prior investments. The transaction history also allows you to see a timeline of your investment activity throughout the life of your portfolio. You can export and analyse your investment activity over time.


Company information.

Active early-stage investors told us that the business performance and funding activity of individual companies is important to them when monitoring their portfolio. The portal provides you with the ability to drill down to see each company's funding activity, key company information such as sector, founders and profile. You can see a historic record of investor reports from each company in your portfolio. We also provide a document library with a full suite of legal documents and a repository of prior investor materials such as pitch decks. 


Statement generator.

Annual investor statements can now be generated at any time and for any time-period. Meaning that you can export investment statements for different tax years and across different legal entities. Investors also told us that they wanted to be able to export Excel spreadsheets for analysis in third-party platforms and for sharing with book-keepers, family offices and investment advisors. The investment statements and exports allow you to reconcile your early-stage investments with your wider portfolio across other asset classes.


Performance benchmarks.

The Icehouse Ventures team have worked with over 1,400 investors to make over 5,000 investments into over 200 companies over the last 15 years. With our new investor portal, we are now making our investment data open to individual investors to help them benchmark their portfolio and learn from New Zealand venture capital and angel investor behaviour at scale. You can see how your portfolio is performing relative to other investors, funds and the average portfolio.


News and updates.

The investor portal provides a central repository of company news, shareholder updates and fund updates. We heard feedback from investors that it's hard to keep track of all the company updates from every company in their email inbox. The portal now brings all your company and fund updates into one place.

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Track, monitor and analyse your early-stage portfolio

The investor portal is available to Ice Angels and investors in the various Icehouse Ventures funds such as Tuhua, Flux, Icehouse 100 and Eden Ventures.  If you are not yet an active investor with Icehouse Ventures, contact us below to learn more about:

  • Investing in an Icehouse Ventures fund.
  • Making direct angel investments into early-stage New Zealand companies.
  • Becoming an Ice Angels member.

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